One Healthcare Plan Every Truck Driver Should Have

With US healthcare the hot topic of the moment, it’s important to remember that prevention is the best way to ensure that you don’t need it in the first place. Drivers live and work in what comes close to a partnership with their trucks. A good driver takes care of their vehicle, but it’s just as vital that the truck is built to take care of them, too. That’s why diesel particulate filters (DPFs) can be, literally, a lifesaver.

A diesel particulate filter

An exposed DPF

Diesel exhaust is filled with particulates like soot and even tiny bits of metal. There aren’t many things that can degrade and destroy lungs more quickly than unfiltered diesel exhaust, especially when they’re exposed to diesel-burning machines as frequently as a truck driver.
As most people know, inhaling diesel exhaust almost immediately leads to slight dizziness and only gets worse the longer exposure continues. Long-term exposure, the kind drivers experience, can lead to heart disease or lung cancer. Luckily, DPFs are incredibly efficient, removing most to nearly all of the particulates present in diesel exhaust.


While healthcare is an uncertain prospect for many, truck drivers with DPFs can rest easy knowing that they’re helping reduce the odds of needing it for themselves and those around them.
With a cleaner truck and an American Truck Group deal, you’re sure to be on the road for longer.