Rods and Mains Inspection (RMI)

At American Truck Group, LLC, we call it RMI.

We perform this inspection to program trucks so we may qualify the vehicle for the 5 YR Nationwide Unlimited Mileage Better than a Warranty* in approved locations across the U. S.

ATG rods and mains inspection

Rods & Mains Inspection at American Truck Group, LLC

N O T E: Our Company has opened up the inside of this motor and performed this inspection

Our technicians CERTIFY that this truck has had:

New Remain Cylinder Head*

New Liner & Piston Packs

New Rods and Mains bearings

– within the last 12 months.

We do have video of this inspection HERE. At the time of inspection we must drain the motor oil and oil pan so this means the Oil and Filters will be new.

This inspection generally costs thousands of dollars, however, it’s included in our program truck inspections.

We perform this on cash trucks for only $995. additional.

*limitations and restrictions apply. See contract for details.