GIADA Certification and Compliance

American Truck Group of Atlanta teams up with GIADA for the most up to date information regarding compliance standards and laws to properly follow business regulations. 2017 official members of GIADA, Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association and on a National level, NIADA Membership keeps us in the know for our industry from observed adaptations in national regulations.

GIADA is the best source for a dealer to use for updated & correct information regarding compliance standards and laws.

It is important to keep these standards of safety top of mind and priority for all drivers who use our services for improving highway safety by educational and technical assistance to drivers.
It is the motor carrier operators responsibility to know and follow these guidelines.

The minimum standard of care for the safe operation of trucks is regulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) & by the Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Manual that teaches required knowledge to truck drivers.